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An ideal place for your Corporate Events, Private Party or VIP dining experience.

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The interior of our banquet hall is inspired by Tachara of Darius, Tachara Château, Mirror Hall or exclusive palace of Darius (third king of the Persian Achaemenid Empire), one of the interior Persepolis palaces. The palace is made of gray stone. It was built by Darius I but only a small portion of the palace was finished under his rule, and it was completed after his death in 486 by his son and successor Xerxes I, who called the house a Taçara, meaning “winter palace” in Old Persian. Artaxerxes I continued to use the palace. Its ruins are immediately south of the Apadana.

  • Capacity: up to 110 people
  • Free Parking (ask reception upon your arrival)
  • Opening hours:
  • Sun~Thu: 12pm t0 10pm
  • Fri~Sat: 12pm till late


Our Services

  • Authentic Persian Cuisine
  • VIP Seating area
  • Private Party
  • Corporate Event
  • Live Music (every Sat)
  • DJ Night (Every Friday)
  • Karaoke Night (Every Thu)

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Chef’s Special Dish

  • Shandiz Kebab
  • White Fish
  • Alo Mosama